I'm just as interested in the subtle and sublime intent of an image as I am with a bold and disruptive one. Sort of a mixture of say a Frank Stella painting / wall sculpture that hits you with it's bold composition mixed with the subtle details of a Hieronymus Bosch. Striking from a distance but on close-up inspection, much more going on.


I'm inspired by the physical process of making Art. I'll make a basic shape on the canvas and build on and around that shape until I see a decent composition evolve. I keep building from there in a very stream of consciousness way. Doodles become larger compositions.

Within one of my paintings many other paintings can exist  One painting very often fuels the creation of another one. compositions from one section of a painting create entirely new ideas for me

The idea of making a painting that you can keep coming back to and seeing something new each time is my goal.

Thanks for looking

Abstract Artist Ron Marko

"Abstract art is so incredibly subjective. Each and every person is going to have their own interpretation of what they're looking at.

That's what's so thought provoking about Abstract art.

And that's exactly why I love it.

No two people are going to see a painting the same way, which keeps everything very interesting.

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