Is Abstract art still relevant? Question submitted by Martin R.

Q: Martin B. writes;  "Hi abstract artist

Is abstract art even relevant in today's Ebay art from China art world, or is it just simply overpriced and incoherent color on canvas? And I'm confused about what your art is. I can't decide if I like it or hate it. Can you change some of the colors and send me one? Martin B.

A: Hi Martin, Well, we can't let eBay be a mirror in which the current state of the art world is judged against. Mass Reproduction from China has certainly hurt the market on eBay but I don't think it's relevant to the real brick and mortar art world. eBay is a super small portal to look through in judgement of anything. Especially Art. In my opinion: Art is as relevant as you are intelligent. (Maybe 'intelligent' is not the correct word here, "Open" would be a better choice.) It's always had an appeal to a more distinguished group of people. Whether they pretend to be sophisticated or actually do have some art history and theory under their belts - it seems to have always appealed to a certain class of people.

For me it's about being able to wrap my mind around a broad and non-specific idea. Allowing my thoughts to entertain the implications of a reality beyond our small world.

Trying to convince someone to see a film or listen to an amazing piece of music you just heard is like this. Showing / displaying something that is uniquely you, that you just created from your mind is akin to baring your soul. And hoping that someone else likes it too is really putting yourself out there and it's something that I've struggled with my entire career as an Artist. The reality is that you can't really give a shit what people think and just get on with it. Sometimes with passion comes disappointment - this allows us to continually evolve as Artists. Contentment truly does breeds mediocrity.

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